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With almost 30 years of real estate and finance experience (21 in the Las Vegas / Henderson) markets, Started in Chicago with a degree in finance which created an understanding that real estate is both your home and a part of your overall wealth portfolio. I first got into real estate as an investor and I learned how to find "value" when buying a property - how to maximize it's value and Market it for the highest price when selling.
Bought my first 2-flat rental property a year out of college. Learned hands-on remodeling, repairs, maintenance and where to find value when buying real estate; while working for a top financial corporation in the financial markets with a high level of professionalism. In the 90s, raised investor funds to purchase, rehab and sell homes (before flipping houses became reality shows.) Worked with residential and commercial developers understanding the entire building process: land warehousing, subcontractors, timelines, valuations, market trends. I continually work with both buyers and sellers to understand the shifting market trends and understand the needs of my Seller and Buyer clients. I am committed to your goals and objectives as a Seller. You deserve an active Agent who understands fiduciary responsibility for you, looking out for your financial interests as they were my own. To work to get your Home SOLD at the best price! On your behalf, I can offer many services that work to sell your Home and I am committed to working harder than my competition for you! You deserve a Professional Salesperson to represent you, negotiating for you in the sale of your Home. To sell your Home in the shortest time possible at the best possible price, I will put all of my extensive marketing tools to work for you.

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