Veterinary records, certificates, and recent photos


 Beds (pillows, towels, or other crate liners)

 Plastic bags and scoops for dogs

 Your pets' usual foods and plenty of water from the home you're leaving (changing their water source can be disorienting and upset their stomachs)

 Food and water bowls, a can opener, and re-sealable lids

 Leashes for cats and dogs

 Litter box for cats

 Cage covers for birds and rodents

 Paper towels for messes

 Toys, chew bones, and treats

 Provisions for the first day at the new home

Get Tags And Leashes For Your Pets

If you have a dog or an indoor/outdoor cat, buy or create identification tags with your new address and phone number. Be sure your pets are wearing them during travel. While you're at it, pick up a cat leash - you'll need it if you're taking a long road trip or airplane flight.

Sunset Park

Dog Park at Sunset Park

Sunset Regional Park is the crown jewel in the County's park system and has served the entire Las Vegas valley since 1967. Phased park expansions have developed 185 of the 323 total acres, making Sunset the largest and the most distinguished park in the County system. The most recent expansion added new playgrounds, a splash pad, walking trails, shaded picnic areas, and open turf in the heart of the park. Sunset has repeatedly won awards such as the Readers’ Choice for the Best Park in the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Best of Las Vegas poll. This oasis in the desert offers something for everyone including tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, softball fields, disc golf course, dog park, walking and jogging trails, a lake – fish included – and plenty of open space. Group and individual shaded picnic areas attract families and organizations throughout the year. Sunset Park hosts numerous special events, including a Clark County signature event, the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival.