How to find a Realtor®

How to find a Realtor® Welcome to the Anchor Realty Las Vegas Real Estate for Sale.  Your Professional Real Estate Source protecting your financial interests through the complicated real estate transaction process. Real Estate rules for the Client’s Protection and the importance of having an Experienced Professional representing your fiduciary interests.

Buying and selling real estate is an important transaction for all parties involved.
For that reason there are a lot of Rules, Regulations and Laws that need to be followed during the process. These are in place to protect You, the buyer and seller.It may be frustrating at times to have to go through all the steps, especially in today’s technological advancements of trading and moving millions of dollars by clicking an App but this process protects the Buyer and Seller and their financial interests. So when the process gets frustrating, remember all of these safeguards are there to protect you. Don’t work with any individual that will put you at risk by-passing these safety steps.  

Why choose a Realtor® 

Making the process easier and less stressful for you.  A licensed real estate agent gives you access to the most up-to-the-minute real estate information in Las Vegas. As a licensed brokerage in Nevada , we have access to the latest real estate data including Las Vegas single family homes , Las Vegas condos/townhouses , Las Vegas open houses , Las Vegas new listings , Las Vegas price reduced homes , Las Vegas new construction homes ,  recently bought homes, market trends, Las Vegas homes with a pool and more in Nevada and beyond. Also, you can search by a popular search like Condos for Sale near Me.  Not seeing what you're looking for?  Expand your real estate search to other areas, such as Henderson or Clark county.  When your ready to buy, we will help you directly with all local Las Vegas real estate and can guide you on your journey to buying your dream home.  

When Selling your house

Wether your reason to sell your home is to be closer to family, need a bigger house or cash out your home equity and move to a market with lower cost of living; Your House is your biggest asset. Make sure you have Professional Representation when selling & buying your home! Less Stress.....Don't have to deal with unlimited calls from Hedge fund investors and Corporate IBuyers, with their unlimited resources negotiating against your best interests. They are not looking out for your fiduciary interests. They are out to make money off of your house, not help you maximize your profit. They claim fast sale with no commissions but don't tell you what you Need to know to protect your interests.

how to sell your house

See which neighbors are selling their house?

Keep more of your equity when you sell and get the house you really want when you buy. Billion dollar hedge fund investors and corporate IBuyers do not represent you in negotiations to buy your home. They are negotiating against your interested. They have no obligation to look out for your fiduciary interests. From the contracts they use- slanted to their benefits, the terms, the contingencies, the renegotiation of price after inspection when you're already in escrow and think the price was already finalized. A Licensed Professional Real Estate Agent is required to provide a Fiduciary Responsibility to their clients. Fiduciary Responsibility means looking out for your best financial interest as if it's their own money. I will work to get you the most net profit and best deal as if I was negotiating for my own house.

See what neighbors are selling their house, how much it’s listed and sold. Contact to receive free up to date sales activity customized  to your house and see how much your neighbors sold their home.

How much are homes in my neighborhood selling for?

buying home stress free

Is it a good time to buy a house? Looking to buy a home in Las Vegas...

Start with customize most up-to-date listings emailed directly to you. Search at your convenience.

is now the time to buy a house

When Buying a house

When buying a house it's important to receive accurate sales data from a trusted neutral source to get knowledgable of what are home values in different neighborhoods and price ranges- Know the value of the home before putting an offer.

Get the most up to date house sale data: how much houses are selling?
How many days on the market before receiving offers?
How much houses are selling compared to listing price? 
What features to houses have and what value the market is paying for those homes. 
What is the best way to make an offer when there are multiple offers on a house?

how to find the perfect home

1. Contact Barry and request to receive real estate listings directly from the MLS showing active homes for sale: how much sellers are asking for homes in different neighborhoods and how much they are $ per square foot in different neighborhoods.  So you can compare 'apples to apples' to identify which house has a better value in each different Las Vegas neighborhood.  These listing come to your email automatically as often as you want to receive them.  In very competitive markets and when you are closer to making an offer, you want to receive updates more frequently so you can see the new home listings as soon as they come on the market. 

2. Get pre-qualified for a loan so you know how much home you can afford and what your monthly housing payments will be.  Interest rates change daily so it's important to calculate these loan pre-qualification ofter if rates are changing frequently. If you are buying with cash offer, set the price range for the search slightly above or below your purchase price limit according to how the Las Vegas real estate market is closing houses by the list price to sold price ratio.

3. Define your home search with a wide set of criteria so you learn what's the market conditions and you don't miss a great home deal.  Chose which street boundaries or location for your home search.

Call us! to shop for properties, get familiar with the market and understand the process of buying real estate in Las Vegas. Have fun! When you’re ready we’re here for you! 

need a bigger house

Find out how much your House Value is worth with real data direct from the MLS, not Zillow estimates from tax records. Go to to request a free customized home valuation. 
Plus bonus updates to market activity in your neighborhood every time a neighbor sells. Seller Beware! Selling your home to an ‘iBuyer’ could cost you thousands Go to to get free Home Seller’s Serious Cautions to consider before selling their house unrepresented. Content to be sent after receiving email: Realtor Code of Ethics: “When representing a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant, or other client as an agent, realtors pledge themselves to protect and promote the interests of his or her client. This primary obligation does not relieve the REALTOR of the responsibility of dealing fairly with all parties to the transaction.” This is a huge conflict of interest because they can’t have fiduciary duty to you and themselves at the same time. What questions you should not disclose to an Ibuyer investor… They says no commission but charge sellers more in hidden fees totally up to 7-10% of the final sales cost. Some IBuyers will charge the seller a cancellation fee after the seller realizes all the fees and repair charges results in the final price no where near the original offer. Why your selling….when you have to move…. This information can’t be used as leverage against you in negotiations or even during contingence period to take more of your net proceeds. Image how you will be feeling a day before you close, expecting to be moving on with your life. Now image a week before closing the buyer says after the inspection the repairs are going to cost $25,000 more than estimated so if you don’t drop the price, they are canceling escrow.

how to sell your house

How would you feel then? A profession experience agent representing you knows to negotiate these contingencies when you have the leverage, not when you are at your weakest. How can home seller can lose money while the transaction still in escrow after they thought it was an agreed upon price. They state it is the obligation of the seller to conduct their own due diligence in order to analyze and determine whether or not to accept the offer. They expect sellers to be oblivious to the terminology and jargon, and to fail to read between the lines. They aren't there to represent your best interests; they are a buyer who is determined to pay as little as possible for your home. These costs include the expenditures of purchasing and reselling the seller's home, as well as holding fees such as taxes, upkeep, and utilities. This cost is upwards of 7% (perhaps as high as 10%), which is higher than the commission paid to an agent by sellers. Offerpad states that the service fee is just 4-7 percent, but then goes on to say that you will also be responsible for all of the usual transaction fees associated with selling a house, such as the commission (another 3%), as well as the holding costs of utilities, maintenance, and taxes. They say they don’t charge commission but they charge service fees that add up to more than a commission would; without any service of representation to the seller. You pay more, get less. They find any reason to deduct money from their offer, and by waiting until after the seller has already signed the offer; the seller is legally obligated to correct everything, regardless of the cost. If they decline, the iBuyer will reduce their already low offer by a large amount. They will deny any further negotiations because they wrote the deal, and the unfortunate sellers are stuck. Which is why you don’t use the contract provided by one of the parties negotiating against you. The terms in the contract are written by the buyer for their advantage. In additional to the hme seller not having representation to navigate all the contingencies and inspections negotiations. Listing with a company that actually wants to buy your property is a problem. If they can buy a seller’s home for a profit, they are NOT motivated to help the seller get the highest price for their home by listing it. They will make no effort to help the homeowner sell, because the longer it sits on the market, the more appealing their low-ball offer looks as a means to “get it over with.” Selling a home is not an easy process as the Ibuyer investors would like you to think. As simple as pushing a button; because they don’t represent your best interests. They negotiating against them. Get the convenience of having Personal Hands On Experience working for your best interests not against. More net profit, less risk to home sellers. rehabbing houses since the 90s Know how to access and estimate bids for repairs to prepare house for top sale price Know what to remodel and what to leave as is What agents don’t tell you about what sells your house and what marketing sells them Response about the agents that say top seller–don’t tell you team members with less experience will be the ones working on your transaction. “NAR statistics show that agents sell homes for more than a For Sale By Owner.” “Federal and state governments have laws that all sellers must comply with, even if you are unaware.” “An attorney charges by the hour, and you will therefore have to pay even if the transaction does not go through. I only get paid upon a successful sale!” Do you know how to screen buyers so unqualified purchasers aren’t wasting your time and going through your home?! Do you know the difference from prequalifed buyer vs preapproved? Do you know the difference from a real preapproval and one not worth the paper it’s written on? You’ll find out after 3 weeks in escrow when the deal fall through.

upsizing home

We can help you buy a house in any of these communities in Las Vegas North Las Vegas Henderson Centennial Centennial Hills Cedar Point Centennial Point Providence Madison Colony Antelope Aventine Tramonti Centennial Heights Hearthstone Brookstone Valley Crest Windimere Rosabella Ridgegate Coral Bay Auburn Bradford Cedar Springs Astoria Trails Stone Mountain Paloma Elkhorn Springs The Meadows Cimarron Springs Wyeth Ranch Timberlake Shenandoah Aliante Alta Mira Anthem Country Club Anthem Highlands Arlington Ranch Ascaya Black Mountain Vistas Burson Ranch Cadence Calico Ridge Canyon Estates Canyon Ranch Comstock Park Coronado Ranch Foothills at Mac Donald Ranch Green Valley Green Valley Ranch Green Valley South Highlands Ranch Hillsboro Inspirada Iron Mountain Ranch Lone Mountain Lone Mountain West Los Prados Lynbrook MacDonald Highlands Ranch Lake Las Vegas Las Casitas Las Vegas Country Club Legacy Las Casitas Madeira Canyon Mira Villa Mission Hills Monaco Mountains Edge Nevada Trails North Shores Painted Desert Park Highlands Queensridge Rancho Circle Las Palmas Red© Charleston Foothills, Amado, Gardens Park, The Willows (West), Ridgebrook, Siena, Village Green, Ladera Park, The Willows (East), The Ridges, Adelina, Red Rock Ranch, Monte Bello, The Cliffs Desert Crest, Rhodes Ranch, Southern Terrace, Wine Ridge Estates, West Maule - Quarterhorse, Cottages At Southern Hill, Shadow Mountain Ranch, Southern Hills, Grand Canyon Villas, Pebble, Acerno Villas, Fort Apache-Hacienda, Southwest Ranch, Mariposa, South Hills, Gypsum Reefs, Fort Apache/Russell, Sierra Madre, Kingston, Positano, Falcon Pointe, Mosaic, Viviani, S Riley St, Esplanade, Summerglen, Warm Springs Rd/Arby Ave, Post Rd/Ft Apache, Magnolia Crossings/Marsh Butte, Tantara, Rose Mallow, Shadow Mt, Peregrine Point, Pebble Creek, Westchester Hills, Dragonfly Rock St, Copper Ridge, Sunset Pines, Warm Springs Rd, Willow Ridge, Parkview, Chandler Park, Sunset Cove, Ridgehaven, San Severo, Wine Ridge Place, Stetson Trails Stratford, Northfork, W La Madre, Eldorado Park, Tropical Breeze, Azure Estates, Sierra Ranch Earlstone, Madeira Canyon, The Club at Madeira Canyon, Anthem Highlands, Inspirada, Solera, Sun City Anthem Southfork, Coventry at Anthem, Anthem Country Club, Henderson, Fairbrook, Sunridge Heights, Silverado Court, Model Village, Estates at Seven Hills, Castle Rock, Seven Hills Presidio, Eastern, Cordova Estates, Avalon, Elysian at St Rose, Village of Avellino, Anthem/Seven Hills, Avalon at Seven Hills, Chateau Calais, Granite Ridge, Majestic Hills, Palazzo Monte, Meridiana, Coronado Heights, Carriage Lane, Citrus Gardens, Copper Ridge, Cottages, Estates, Inspirations, Mystic Bay, Premiere, Summit Pointe, Monte Nero, Sunridge Park, The Terraces, Capistrano, Renaissance/Marquis, Sunridge at Macdonald, Anthem, Soda Butte, Rose/Amigo/Cactus,

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Sunridge at MacDonald Ranch, Mystic Ridge, Sun City Anthem, Hidden Canyon, Laurel Hills at Sunridge, Hillcrest, Anthem Pkwy, Village Park, Horizons at Seven Hills, Palermo, Palatine Hill, Pinnacle, Binbrook, Carnegie Heights, Olivia Hgts/Oliver Springs, Pecos Ridge, Westridge, Annet St, Seven Hills and Horizon, Carriage Hills, Stags Leap / Geyser Peak, Rose Ridge, Pivot, Via Tivoli Bella Vicenza, Southern Highlands, Royal Highlands, Desert Willows, Southern Highlands, Toscana Vineyards, Foothills, Caparola, Belmont Park, Bella Sera, Bella Terra, Montagne Marron, Cactus Hills, Somersethills-Shinnecock, Starr Hills, Setona, Southern Highlands North, Interlude, San Niccolo South, Masters Southern Highland, Highlands Ranch, The Legends, Solaro, Frias, Salerno, Elysian, Bracana, Markely Ave, Cortona, Montecito , The Cove, Elsinore, Highlands Ranch - Foxhill, Highland Hills Sterling Ridge, Arlington Estates, Collina at Mts. 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