Las vegas facts

There is Las Vegas city and unincorporated Clark county which has a large portion of homes that use the Las Vegas name in address.

Las Vegas, One of the most famous, most visited city in the whole of the United States. This city is all about its famous casino hotels, the glitzy lights of The Strip and living like a high roller. Being so globally renowned, you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll find a ton of stuff to do in Las Vegas. A lot of the activities revolve around the casinos, which are veritable destinations in themselves; there are fountain shows, hotels that look like giant pyramids, and replicas of famous city skylines, not to mention canals made to look like a mini Venice. It’s a much-touristed haven. 


Las Vegas Map


Where is Las Vegas?
Located in the southeastern Nevada which is the most populous city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County. The city anchors the Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area and is the largest city within the greater Mojave Desert.
What is Las Vegas famous for?
Famous for its luxury hotels, casinos, and nightclubs, located in the area known as “the Strip.”  The Strip is a stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard South in Clark County, Nevada, that is known for its concentration of resort hotels and casinos. 

What to do outside the strip?

Las Vegas has had a relatively small number of what might be considered traditional civic cultural institutions for example. orchestras, theatre companies, and public art museums. Other Downtown Las Vegas favorites include Longbar at The D, the pool deck at the Downtown Grand, the intimate Downtown Cocktail Room, the beer garden patio at Park on Fremont, and the Prohibition-era feel of Commonwealth.

Las Vegas Condos On the Strip

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Las Vegas condos

Las Vegas on the Strip has always been the number one tourist spot when it comes to Casino. One of the condos that offer this feature is, MGM Grand. Mgm Grand has a Casino amenity, in which, everyone can enjoy and have fun at the best rate. 

Here are a few condos that  you can visit on the the strip that will make you enjoy your stay at a luxurious life:

Cosmpolitan of Las Vegas- Enjoy different offers and activities, not only the Casino. 

Waldorf Astoria- formerly know as Mandarin oriental, is located in the mid strip attractions. Enjoy the airport or mountain view while witnessing the profound expression for art, The Art Gallery.

Panorama Towers- is a twin high-rise buildings located, west of the Strip with a splashy aqua-blue exterior and modern design.

As a community, parks and recreational activities are available. One of the most famous Parks is the Red Rock Canyon. Red Rock Canyon is known for its natural beauty, and magnificent rock formation turning the stone into red. 

Another Park that let's you spend time with your pets is, Sunset Regional Park. Sunset Regional Park offers different amenities such as: Picnic areas, softball fields, basketball courts, dog park, and has a golf course. This park is known for its name, "Sunset" Park, because the sun can be seen setting in a large and distinct manner.
Aside from the parks and nature in Las Vegas, Las Vegas offers a wide range services for the homeless, seniors, and veterans. 

For Las Vegas Seniors, programs are available to help them gain independence and vitality with other seniors. Some programs available are wellness programs, counseling and support . The Las Vegas seniors centers offer transportation, financial and medical help, and other social help.

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