Welcome to Providence homes for sale in Las Vegas

1,200 acre Master Planned Community; nearly 5,634 residences two multi-family complexes and a neighborhood commercial center built adjacent to an already established network of retail, commercial, educational, and entertainment destinations. Inspired after the traditional “New England” style neighborhoods of the northeast, Providence boasts tree lined streets, community parks, walking trails, and a sense of community reminiscent of the classic American literary theme of westward exploration.

Thoughtful planning and a water-conscious approach to desert-scape, has spawned a lush community rich with landscaping. Over 4,000 trees have been installed throughout the many walking paths and paseos, along with dozens of varieties of plants and shrubs. Pocket parks have been installed in almost all of the twenty-five sub-communities built throughout Providence by an array of the nation’s top homebuilders.

The parks of Providence create an environment where people can come together and enjoy each other’s company. From the Promenade, which serves as a community centerpiece, to Knickerbocker Park with its breathtaking views, to Huckleberry Park in the heart of the community, Providence parks have been designed to encourage exercise, fun, and public gatherings – all in surroundings that are designed to protect our natural desert environment.